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Mis-using words

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Sometimes I wonder about the education levels of many people in the media today. The following fact is something that pretty much anyone who has had a decent study of history, culture, and/or linguistics already knows, but the media still propogate the wrong stuff. It's not just in this example either, but things like cracker vs hacker, "aryan", "white person" etc.

But anyway, here you go.

I wonder how many people out there who use the term ”anti-semitic” really know what it means? Semitic people belong to the group of tribes who spoke semitic languages, including Arabs, Akkadians, Babylonians, Hebrews, Ethiopians, and a few others.

There are Jewish semites, just as there are Muslim semites and Christian semites. Not all Jews are semitic people. Not all Muslims or Christians are semitic peoples either.

Chances are, Saddam Hussein is more of a semite than Jerry Seinfeld is. I’m not sure, but the possibility isn’t that remote.

So, in conclusion, ”anti Semitic” is totally different to ”anti Jewish”, which is totally different to ”anti Zionist”.

They are three separate things, but unfortunately those who do not know better (or intentionally try to mislead) imply that they are almost all the same thing. But don’t be fooled. They are not. To say someone who is anti-Jewish is "anti-semite" is plainly wrong, but if you think it's valid, then that would make the US government, the Israeli government - heck, possibly any government who has a policy of victimising anyone who is Muslim, Jew, or Christian - an anti-semite.

Funny how in modern parlance we attempt to modify meanings of words to suit the most popular will of the day.

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